Why E4research.org?  We believe that environment, energy, economy, and education encompass the social and economic issues that will face society for the foreseeable future. 


We see the urgent need for non-partisan collaborations among leading experts that can inform citizens and leaders about solutions that society can implement sooner rather than later.

Focusing on the future.  We form multidisciplinary teams with our expert partners to foster new science-based vision that can create consensus for future solutions, leading to the evolution of public policy and business practices.

Environment and natural resources. Natural resource management based on best management practices is the key to sustainable production for the economy and jobs, and ultimately to protection of the natural environment on which industries such as tourism thrive.


Energy. Energy and environment are integrally linked, especially considering that Maine renewable resources will be part of our energy future.  We believe that energy sources developed or tapped within Maine are the best choices for the environment and the economy.

Economy. Environmental and energy issues ultimately drive the Maine economy.  We engage in natural resource-based research and outreach that considers opportunities to support and expand the economy of Maine. 

Education. We collaborate with academic institutions and non-profits to inform the public and policy makers about issues and their solutions.