E4Research.org is a solutions-oriented Maine not-for-profit corporation that engages in research and education to inform citizens, businesses, and policy makers about emerging solutions in energy and environment that benefit society and the economy

Who are we? We are an evolving group of experts brought together on a project-by-project basis for the purpose of developing non-partisan, economically-viable solutions for the pressing issues facing the State of Maine.  As a leading natural resources consulting firm in Maine, James W. Sewall Company helped establish E4Research.org as part of its contribution as a good corporate citizen.

Economically-relevant vision.  E4Research.org believes that win-win solutions to social issues are easy to develop, but society often lacks the will or the focus to implement these solutions.  Too often policy makers are unaware of pressing social or infrastructure issues or the cost-effective solutions because no one has engaged them about the topic—or because the debate has been about the issues dividing special interest groups rather than the issues upon which agreement is possible.


Focusing on the future.  When hockey-great Wayne Gretsky was asked his secret to success, he said that he skated to where the puck was going to be, unlike most players who skate to where the puck is.  E4Research.org strives to foster new vision that can create consensus for future solutions leading to the evolution of public policy and business practices.  Our goal is to help evolve social norms that can build momentum for solutions that can benefit the economy, quality of life, and the environment. 


Cost-effective win-win solutions. While E4Research.org bases our positions on non-partisan and unbiased research and information, our approach is non-academic because we actively engage stakeholders rather than passively gathering information.  Our goal is to leverage issues of agreement that unite rather than focusing on issues of disagreement that divide.